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[Request] Christian camp song?

I just got back from a Christian camp, and I have a few songs stuck in my head.
I know the titles and artists, however I can't seem to find them on Youtube, and I don't have iTunes (or an iPod, not that that matters).
Here they are! Hope you guys can help :)
[Unknown LJ tag]- Benediction by Timothy James Meaney, he is I suppose the original artist, however I don't like his version of it. We also had a few more lyrics:

"my friends may you grow in grace

and in the knowledge of our lord and savior

my friend may you in grace

and in the knowledge of jesus christ

to god be the glory now and forever

now and forever amen

i pray tonight if we learn from one another

may we glorify him

if the lord should bring us back together

well be in his arms till then"

somewhere along those lines, and then the other song:

-Love the Lord by Mona Bagasao Crane.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart

And all your soul and all your mind

And love for all mankind as you would love yourself.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart

And all your soul and mind

And love for all mankind.

We've got Christian lives to live,

We've got Jesus Christ to give,

We've got nothing to hide because in Him we all abide.

Milk, milk, milk, drink that milk, milk,
And eat the Word, Word, Word to get stronger.

Mr. Postman bring to me (yeah yeah yeah),
A brand new copy of the NIV (yeah yeah yeah),
Need a Bible to get stronger,
I can't wait any longer!

Shoo-be-doo-op, shoo-be-doo-op, yeah, yeah yeah (3x)
Shoo-be-doo-op, shoo-be-doo-op"