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Tenth Avenue North Community

So, I went to a TAN/ Matt Maher/ Addison Road concert on Wednesday and remembered exactly how much I love Mike Donehey. We sat (er, stood, rather-- it was like chairs just didn't exist!) far left front row, right under Ruben Juarez ^^ I lost my voice the rest of the night and all of Thursday, but it was completely worth it. Unfortunately, they didn't do signings, so I never actually got to meet any of tehm :P But I swear, I mad eye contact with Jason once during the show! Well, I think I did..... (;

All in all it was an awesome performance- at one point during "Hold My Heart", Mike got off stage and walked through the audience, then climbed up onto the balcony and kept singing. I swear, that man is amazing. Has anyone else seen their Light Meets the Dark tour?

Welllll, because of my rekindled love for TAN and all things Mike Donehey, I made a community for just that (: Well, for Tenth Avenue North, which is all things Mike Donehey... and all things Jason Jamison, Ruben Juarez, and Jeff Owen. Haha.


Click the picture to go to the journal~ and feel free to join and post whenever you like (: